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Thursday, December 8, 2011

Death of a Gift

It just so happens this 'even't fell in the perfect season for this share.  I recently bought my son this super cool toy. It wasn’t that expensive but none too cheap either. The price didn’t even really matter of course though because he is my son and I love him with all my heart and soul.  I loved getting him this gift, putting it together (which took this mama almost an hour mind you) and then enjoying it with him.
He would take my hand and want me to play with him in this new toy.  I myself got so much joy out of it- my heart just swelled at seeing him so happy! I felt so warm and fuzzy on the inside, to be able to bless my child with this gift as I know it brought him happiness. It gave him joy.  And the way his eyes lit up! You parents know what I’m talking about. Him including me was more than I could have asked for! I was thankful to be able to be a part of this with and for him. I loved hearing him say “come on mom!”  And his little hand would come grab mind and we would engage in playing together.  Even when I wasn’t in the room I could hear him play and talk to himself with it. I had “permagrin” :0)
So we had to leave for a couple of hours and then back home we came. Again, while in the other room I heard him play but then I heard other sounds. I came out of the room only to find him kicking this toy and ripping it apart. He was still smiling and didn’t seem upset at all.  I told him to stop because it’s his new toy and he will want to play with it later. He kept jumping on it and I’m seeing this new gift I got him start to crumble and become flat. (It would have taken a lot of patience and tape to fix it at this point but it was still salvageable).  As I continued to try and stop him from destroying this new gift I, his mother got him because I love him so very much; I heard the soft voice of the Father say to me “stay quiet. Let him.” And so I did-- with sadness starting to seep in. I felt so ‘let down’ and like it was a waste. It wasn’t appreciated.  I was so upset and even hurt a little. Still am even as I share this..
Not long after the death of this new gift as it were, in my saddened state of heart, ever so quietly I sensed the Father saying to me “I too feel this same sadness with the daily gifts I give to My children.” I quietly sighed... What do I say to that??…..What do any of us say to that???
Lesson learned and received?? Though we know He already does…Lord forgive us.

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